Timber Dance Floor For Hire

You know you want the real thing. Our timber floor has a luxurious feel when dancing on it due to it's sprung composition. The benefit is people can party for on it for hours without tiring so quick like they would on a harder surface.

Why It's So Special

The floor is made from genuine pine timber boards that were lovingly crafted on to battens and 1m x 2m panels for quick assembly. The result is the boards "give" a little bit just like they would in a real old-time dance hall. In other words, it's an authentic dance floor made portable.

The polished pine gives it a classy feel unmatched by any competing dance floors on the market. That's because most hire companies use formwork ply for their dance floors. Not only is formply dangerous, it looks ugly. Remember, it's designed to stop concrete sticking to it which makes it very slippery. Do you really want to test your public liability policy if someone slips over and breaks an ankle, or worse?

For Small Or Large Crowds

We can supply any number of panels up to 70m2 to cater for most events. This is big enough for up to 200 people dancing on it at any one time. Another advantage of the timber floor is that it can be layed down over uneven surfaces like grass. There are some limits to this. Deep holes may require some sand fill first.

Fit For Any Occasion

Daytime or night, our timber floor looks great for any occasion. The satin finish reflects coloured lights beautifully and will compliment any high class decor such as typically found at weddings.

Our timber dance floor is a popular choice for public festivities and is regularly booked out by a number of shires around Perth. You may have seen it at the Northbridge Piazza, Mandurah Foreshore or the Performing Arts Centre. We'd love to make it a part of your event too.

Our Timber Floor

Timber Dance Floor
Looks special at night under the stars and coloured lights.

Event Dance Floor
And just as gorgeous during the daytime in Mandura.

Festival Dance Floor
Public dancing at Jazz On The Bay, Dunsborough.

Dance Lesson Floor
Group enjoying dance lessons in Margaret River.

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