Hire The Best Dance Floors In Perth

Here's a way to impress your guests and guarantee a fun event ...

Use A Real Timber Dance Floor

Hire our authentic timber dance floor that recaptures the atmosphere of an old-time dance hall. You won't find any of that tatty plywood offered by others. Our floor is made from real baltic pine boards assembled into "quick lay" panels. It's the perfect solution for small to large outdoor gigs where a band is present. Seriously, guests won't be able to stay off it!

Or the Supa-Slim Synthetic Parquette

It's no secret that our plastic dance floor has delighted party goers all over Perth and surrounding areas. Yes, we'll bring the fun to you whether it's to York, Bunbury or beyond. Simply enquire about our country rates. This Supa-Slim floor is made up of interlocking plastic tiles that can be layed out in any configuration. Fantastic for indoors or over pavers, concrete etc.

And ... Let Us Entertain You

What could be more inspiring than having an energetic dance floorshow to get your guests in the mood? We can supply a dance couple or a troupe of seasoned Swing dancers to create that wow factor. Or perhaps a quick and easy dance lesson that's been proven to get the most dedicated wall flower out from hiding. Entirely optional of course but people will talk about it for years to come.

Timber Floor

Timber Dance Floor
Has a soft, sprung feel that allows for hours of dancing.

Plastic Floor

Plastic Dance Floor
Thin, safe & versatile indoors or out on any firm surface.


Dance floor with entertainment
Optional extras to get your occasion really sizzling.

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