Plastic Dance Floor Hire

There's nothing tacky about the placky. Our synthetic dance floor looks and feels like real parquetry. In fact, you'd have to get down on your hands and knees to tell the difference.

#1 So Slim It Looks Built In

The are two big advantages with the synthetic floor. The first is that it's wafer thin. This presents almost no trip hazard around the edges. Combined with the clip-on chamfered edge it almost appears to be part of the venue itself.

The dance floor surface is only 20mm above the surrounding area. This makes it a good choice where running children or tipsy revellers are present.

#2 Fits In Anywhere

Bend it, shape it, any way you want it. The plastic floor is a true chameleon and can accommodate any shaped room, space or venue. This is because it's comprised of small interlocking tiles that can be placed together in any rectangular shape. Use as few or as many as needed to match the number of guests. Of course, we'll do all the hard work putting it together.

Also, this floor loves enthusiastic dancers. The interlocking nature of the tiles means this floor won't come apart under heavy use. And being synthetic it won't warp or stain if the occasional drink gets spilled on it.

Why You Want This Floor

The plastic floor is most suited where it can be layed out over an already flat surface. It installs well over carpet, pavers or concrete. It can be used indoors or out, daytime or night. Note that we don't recommend using it under direct sunlight on hot summer days. It's also the best choice where there is risk of light rain.

Now, let's get your party started. Find out more about the plastic floor.

Synthetic Floor

Showdown Dance Floor
And the winner is ... our parquetry look-a-like floor.

Indoor Dance Floor
Works perfectly well, inside or out on any flat surface.

Fun Times Dance Floor
It's just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right !!!

Flexible Dance Floor Layout
Extremely flexible. Fits to any layout you can imagine. Here at Mandurah Crab Fest laid around exiting structure.

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